Monday, May 9, 2016

~* My Daybook *~

For Today... May 9, 2016

Looking out my window... it's raining again.

I am thinking... I don't know what I'm thinking. I'm too tired to think about what I'm thinking. It's Monday. lol

I am thankful... that my mom had a good Mother's Day.

One of my favorite things... reading a good book :)

I am wearing... jeans and a purple plaid long-sleeved shirt.

I am reading (read) /watching (watched) / listening to...

I will be reading, "Shadow in Serenity" by Terri Blackstock. I'm picking it up from the library this evening.  I was watching the old 70's tv show, "Bewitched" a while ago. I am listening to the rain hit the roof.

I am hoping... that it stops raining soon or I'm going to have to start building an ark! It's hard to go on walks the way I like when it's raining.

In my kitchen... I'm having a piece of Lemon Lush that we had for dessert last night.

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A moment from my day...

rain droplets on the grass

Closing Notes...

I'm looking forward to "Dancing with the Stars" tonight! It's my favorite show! I'm rooting for Ginger Zee and Val Chmerkovskiy, but I also like Nyle DiMarco, because it's so amazing how he can dance so good without being able hear the music! :)

Thursday, May 5, 2016

22 Things I've Never Done

1. I've never been skydiving and I'm pretty sure I don't want to. It's funny, because I had a dream of this very thing last night and I was screaming the whole way down! lol

2. I've never been flying in an airplane. Just thinking about all that space underneath me scares me.

3. I've never had sushi. Yuck!

4. I've never ridden a horse. I've always wanted to, so maybe one day.

5. I've never been out of the United States. I think it would be nice to visit England one day. A lot of places there look pretty, and I already know the language, for the most part--so that would be helpful.

6. I've never been married - at least not yet. Hopefully one day. 

7. I've never been on snow skis. It might be fun to try some day.

8. I've never went to public school. I was homeschooled all the way through. 

9. I've never broken a bone. But almost.

10. I have never been bungee jumping.

11. I've never gotten a tattoo. That is something I never had a desire to do. Think how it would look when I'm 90 years old. lol

12. I've never seen a tornado, and I hope I never do. That would be scary to look out my window and see one coming.

13. I've never changed a tire. Although it would probably be a good thing to learn,

14. I've never sang a solo. One time I sang in a group and my knees started knocking - and that, my friends, is why I have never sang a solo. lol

15. I've never been ice skating. I have been roller skating a couple times, but I was on the floor more than I was up on wheels. So ice skating probably wouldn't be much better. Not that I wouldn't give it a try.

16. I have never watched a horror movie - and I never shall! 

17. I have never been on a blind date. If given the chance I might, but it depends on who was setting it up.

18. I have never made my own clothes. Trust me, this is a good thing. 

19. I have never moved. I have lived in the same house since I was born.

20. I've never worn eye contacts. 

21. I've never seen Star Wars, even though my brother keeps pestering me to.

22. I've never seen the Statue of Liberty. But one day I will.

Monday, May 2, 2016

My Daybook

For Today... May 2, 2015

Looking out my window... a squirrel hanging upside down on our "squirrel proof" bird feeder. I think its cute :)

I am thinking... that I'm glad that the sun is shining again after having so many cloudy, rainy days.

I am thankful... our dog is feeling better after he wasn't feeling well yesterday. He wasn't his usual self.

One of my favorite things... taking walks in the evening and taking pictures.

I am wearing... a blue and black tank top and black shorts.

I am reading... thinking about starting, "The Witch of Blackbird Pond." I've read it several times before and I always I enjoy it when I do. It was a book I first read back when I was still in school.

I am hoping... we don't have anymore cloudy and rainy days this week (which we probably will).

I am learning... how to use my new camera. I love taking pictures and I'm trying to learn all the ins and outs of it.

In my kitchen...

Stirring up an orange salad, made with cottage cheese, cool whip, orange jello, and fruit cocktail. 

A Shared Quote...

"Sometimes the smallest steps in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tip toe if you must, but take the step."

A moment from my day...

Bright blue skies on this lovely Monday!